487 S.A.L. was established in 2007 under the Commercial Register No. 2010402 – Baabda by Mr. Samir Saliba and partners. The company deals with real estate and is mainly dedicated to the construction and development of residential and commercial buildings and compounds. In an increasingly demanding market, 487 Real Estate is thriving to provide high quality products, finishing and services at affordable prices. The company is committed to building long-term relationships with its clients to reach their complete satisfaction and adapt to their changing needs. This is why we offer continuous property management to all our projects in an effort to preserve the image and quality we offer.  
Mission & Vision
487 Real Estate’s main goal is to provide residential apartments with long term payment facilities without compromising the high standards of quality and service. Our aim is to create healthy environments for our clients to settle and prosper, whilst enjoying the wide range of services that 487 Real Estate has to offer. 
487 Real Estate intends to develop several projects in Lebanon and the region in the near future with the same spirit as its current projects. Using eco-friendly technologies along with modern design we plan to set an example for building healthier communities for our generation and many generations to come.


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